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Icon featured CN Liew Contemporary Abstract Calligraphic Evolution Exhibition - At Ease, at Berjaya Times Square

Icon Malaysia 2nd Sept 2015 | 风华 02-06-2015

Calligraphic Evolution Series exhibition featured on New Sunday Times

New Sunday Times 23rd Aug 2015 


Nan Yang newspaper featured CN Liew Contemporary Abstract Calligraphic Evolution Exhibition - At Ease, at Berjaya Times Square

Nanyang 2nd June 2015 | 南洋商報 02-06-2015

Article of CN LIEW's Abstract artwork, inspired by Chinese Calligraphy remain popular among Collectors on The Star Newspaper

The Star 5th July 2015 | The Star 05-07-2015

Article on Conference for Revolution of Ink Painting to Promote Chinese Culture by CN LIEW

Asia Weekly 16th November 2014 | 亚洲周刊 16-11-2014


China Press Newspaper featured CN Liew and his Contemporary Abstract Artwork - Abide in the cultivation of purity and generate an awakened mind

China Press 4th April 2014 | 中国报 04-04-2014


Article of CN LIEW and his Art Traditional by 胡月霞


Esquire Magazine featured Malaysia Famous Calligraphy Artist CN LIEW AND Corperate Success JOEL NEOH

 Esquire Malaysia November 2013

JMen interview with Surrealligraphy creator CN LIEW on his artwork inspiration and Calligraphy Revolution

 JMEN Malaysia November 2013

Exploring new territory of Chinese Culture in Calligraphy Art

Asia Weekly 8th July 2012 | 亚洲周刊 08-07-2012


CN LIEW latest creation of Golden Dragon Sculpture Inspired by Chinese Cursive that makes Calligraphy outstanding at his individual exhibition in Hong Kong

Asia Weekly 13 May 2012 | 亚洲周刊 13-05-2012

Asian Art News used CN LIEW Contemporary Calligraphy Artwork as front cover of the Magazine Volume 21

Asian Art News


Asia Excellence Brand Award 2012 featuring CN LIEW Contemporary Abstract Art Work

Asia Excellence Brand Award 2012


Ming Newspaper reported news of Asian Excellence Awards 2012, featuring CN LIEW

Ming Daily 26th November 2012 | 明 26-11-2012

CN LIEW participation in Malaysia International Art Exhibition as Special Exhibitor to praise his Achievement in International Arts

Nanyang 23rd September 2012 | 南洋商報 23-09-2012

Art Expo Malaysia 2012 will have the Participation of CN LIEW, the First and ONLY Malaysian Contemporary artist get invited to 2011 HONG KONG INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR

KL Lifestyle September 2012


CN LIEW appearance on Malaysia Art Gallery Guide

Malaysia Art Gallery Guide September 2012

CN LIEW Painting Amazed Viewers at 2011 Hong Kong International Art Exhibition

Asia Weekly 1st May 2011 | 亚洲周刊 01-05-2011

CN LIEW appearance on StarMag and photo of him at Plum Blossoms Gallery in Hong Kong with the Founder, Stephen McGuinness

Star Magazine 17th April 2011 | 星洲  17-04-2011

Zero Magazine featured CN LIEW Exhibition of Contemporary Abstract inspired by Chinese Calligraphy at LOTUS ARTE GALLERY

Zero Magazine June 2008